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Yingxi Jin
Ikkonz is an illustrator and artist,who is currently pursuing her BA illustration degree at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London.

Contact  ︎ ikkonzjin@gmail.com
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The relationship between emotions and the environment is always her main theme. The peaceful feeling brought to her by the natural scenery reshaped her in a sense. At the same time, emotion and the stories behind it are also the themes that she often pays attention to.
In terms of creative expression,she often constructs narratives with images within images, and uses this to present a story and scene from all angles. She is also exploring the relationship and the possibility of their combination between traditional hand-drawing and digital painting.

Awards· 2020 - Ijungle Illustration Awards - Merit award (New Talent )
· 2020 - Hiii Illustration Awards